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Innovation by John F. Ednie

"Imagination, vision, ideas, prototypes and need."
Rackcycle: Hand Bag Carrier for Bicycle

History: the "formed rod strap rack", Rackcycle, came to be in the late Spring of 2009, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. After recognizing a "design gap" in pannier racks available to carry a (grocery) hand bag (one with handles), John began to create a unit which he wanted to attach to his bicycle in a place which wouldn't interfere with his operation of the bicycle.

                  function and style

It was also important, to John, to make the new pannier rack conform to the frame of a bicycle, namely, triangle design.

The first protype was completed and tested in the summer of 2009, with much success. John was pleased to have something on his bicycle which did the function he'd dreamed of.

However, John realized that it would be too costly to manufacture, if that ever came up. So some great thought was given to simplify the design as much as possible. That resulted in making more than one, to see if it was possible to make them quickly.

                panniers (bag carriers)

  John decided it should attach to a bicycle frame beside the left side of the rear wheel. The right side had the gear change assembly and the chain. Also, he could see the bag might strike the curb if on the right side of the bicycle, which he wanted to avoid.

                  on bicycle

It wasn't long before he had a logo done of the name of the new pannier:

                    bag carrier / rack for bicyclesgraphic
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"An ability to create "what hasn't been done before."

the author
Innovation by John F. Ednie

Formed Rod Strap Rack:
by John F. Ednie

                  fashioning a rackcycle
John, making No. 22 Rackcycle: (at 663 Glover Rd.)

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