"I want some kind of carrier I can put on my bike so I can easily carry bread and milk home from the store while riding my bike. Something to hold the bag and stays out of the way."
made in
Rackcycle RC7
Pannier for Bicycles
Universal Fit


              on bicycle
Rackcycle bag carrier / rack for bicycles
 several panniers (bag carriers)
"Very different! It's one of the best new panniers to come along in years!"
"I like not having a bag on my handle bars!"
"It certainly carries a heavy bag, doesn't it!"
"Great! I can put my empty bag on it too!"
The RC7
universal fitRackcycle bag carrier / rack for
pannier on bicycle

attaches to bicycle frame beside left side of rear wheel.
No drilling required.
Anti-scratch mounting parts.
Non-rusting, high grade aluminum.

It really works!
  • includes mounting hardware
  • illustrated instructions
  • technical support contact info.
parts bag requires no.8 socket screwdriver for easy mounting.
Can be assembled with small bicycle wrench

$44.95 + tax
free shipping in Ontario

2012 fashioning
              a rackcycle
2012 - making an RC7 
Real use testing:
rackcycle in
              November, 2014
November, 2014 - Milk, soup, oranges

rackcycle in
              May, 2015
May, 2015 - Rolls tape, car parts.

rackcycle in
              September, 2016
September, 2016 - Solid carrier.
Includes assembly instructions, all necessary hardware./

Rackcycle bag carrier
          / rack for bicyclesgraphic rackcycle
Patented Design
Handcrafted in Canada.

Not available in stores
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Be the first on your block to get
the best, newest, pannier
to come along in years!

"What are you waiting for?
Get your Rackcycle ordered today!"


Note: if you loose any parts during assembly, and can't find a substitute from your own tool box,
simply drop us a line and we will send you a replacement part immediately. n/ch.