Strap Rack - Bag Pannier for Bicycles
Rackcycle bag carrier / rack for bicycles
happy bag
This bicycle pannier is the second best thing on your bicycle
Carries an empty bag to the store and a
full bag back home !

Your new bicycle bag rack carries a full shopping bag for you.

Easy to use! like so:

plactic bags or shopping bags
You'll love how the bag is out of the way while you ride !

And your empty shopping bag won't flop around in the wind.

Very light weight
Carry's plastic or shopping bags
Keeps bag balanced
Will not rust
Heavy Duty
No step over interference

Real use testing:
rackcycle in
              November, 2014
November, 2014 - holding up well

rackcycle in
              May, 2015
May, 2015 - holding a double load.

rackcycle in
              September, 2016
September, 2016 - holding up well after two years of use.
Includes assembly instructions, all necessary hardware./

Rackcycle bag
          carrier / rack for bicyclesgraphic rackcycle
Patented Design
Handcrafted in Canada.

parts bag 
mounting instruction and
all neccessary hardward.

Rackcycle - The One Everybody Needs